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East Coast Windows is here! We offer expert home window replacement in Charleston, SC!

Window construction continues to change as better and more efficient materials are available, and that’s why we offer 3 major brands of windows. If you have aging windows that have withstood the harsh conditions of South Carolina, you might want to consider replacing them. New windows can help you to reduce the cost of your energy bill and increase your energy efficiency! There are many home window replacement options to choose from and your window expert will provide you with all your options so you can make a great choice.

Contact East Coast Windows for the best in home window replacement in Charleston SC for your home or business renovation.

New Home Windows Help Lower Energy Costs

New windows help to reduce heat loss in the winter and air-conditioned air in the summer. Overall, if you replace your windows with more energy efficient replacements, you can significantly lower your monthly energy costs. If you choose an Energy Star, you will also help to decrease your carbon footprint!

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Curbside Appeal

After a while, your windows can start to look pretty shabby. Dated windows can lessen the curbside appeal of even the most stunning home. There are a wide array of different stain options, colors, and grille choices that are entirely new and will provide your house with a fresh look! You can completely overhaul the exterior aesthetics of your home by updating it with a modern architectural look.

Easy to Clean

Cleaning windows can be a pain if you have to get out a ladder to do it. It can also be dangerous, which is why most people opt to leave them dirty. If you replace your old windows with ones that have easy clean options, you can do it all safely from indoors and get the clean, bright look you crave without it taking a whole day.

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Improved Functionality

If you have windows that are difficult to open, or, worse, they are painted shut, then it might be impeding your ability to open them and let in some fresh air. Over time, that can lead to diminished air quality. It can also lead to poor ventilation and using the HVAC more than you need to. New windows will allow you to open them freely when the weather outside is tepid and let some of the great outdoors in.

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If you want to improve the curb appeal of your home, cut energy costs, and boost your property value, then window replacements are a must! The investment you make to upgrade your windows will come back ten-fold in many ways and make for a more beautiful home. Contact East Coast Windows to see all the window replacement options you have to choose from today!

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